Monday, 2 January 2017

Ricks Winter Swim Sets (Not Giving In )

Ricks  Guildford Solo 5..2017
Winter is well and truly with us , as we speak its minus 4 outside..  , it’s Time for Ricks to move on from  2016 record breaking year and look forward and plan for 2017 and beyond .,our First big team swim of the 2017 is a big one...The 2Swim4Life  24 hr swim in Guildford in late April may be the toughest swim of any year  .. we have 5 solo swimmers  , 1 team of 3 swimmers having crack at this event   24 miles in 24 hours , in outdoor 50m Lido In April.!! 2swim4life is thee toughest endurance swim in the UK .more details  

Anyway , It really is  time to step up...!! happy training .its good to back .Ricks 
 we hope these training plans over the next few months  might help other swimmers, We  know how hard and boring pool training can be for all of us through the winter months , just remember No Giving In .!

Ricks Blog Tune this week seems  to be very apt for the start of December...
Not Giving In, (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare).