Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A New Session Of Open Water Swimming Begins

The Return to open water swimming is always a fun day
for lots of reason.. For 1 , it great to be out of the swimming pool at last..
however ... when you return to the water in early April there is still the issue 
of the cold water to deal with....
thank god at least it was sunny on Saturday when we arrived at 10am 
Cliff Lakes Open Water Swimming
how Great is this...
loads and loads of swimmers waiting to jump in..
water temp was around the 10 degrees mark...
outside temp was a barmy 14.!!
Ricks Cold Water King..
Charlie "Jelly" Wheadon 
Cliff Lakes Ice Queen...
Caroline ..
10 degrees is  like a bath to Ms Saxon
fab to see so many swimming .
even better  to see so many swimming in skin...

just a short course at the moment
until the temperature goes up past 12 degrees   
the 250m loop was far enough for most today  

Ricks Basher...
we think he did not enjoy his return to joys 

of the cold water after a two year 
break, quite as much as charlie did...
3 laps doing breaststroke was proof of that 

the big man ..
1000m done with ease..

which is great start to the year , but its even
better considering Charlie done over 3 1/2 miles in
the pool 2 hrs before ... #RicksLegend   

Finally warming up...
a few shivers this morning , but on the whole
is was an okay start .!
35 minutes swam
For more information about swimming at 
Cliff Lakes Open Water Swimming 
check out their web page 
or facebook profile  

Monday, 16 April 2018


Ricks Team story
Big Ricks Swim Team is a group of six swimmers from Great Britain hoping to break the world record for crossing the English Channel FOUR times in a row later this year. Our team consists of Paul Bates, Charlie Wheadon, Stuart Fuller, Ross Emery, Ryan Coley and Melanie Holland, with the lovely Caroline Saxon in reserve.
We're taking on the gruelling challenge to raise money for both the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and British Heart Foundation with 50% of the total raised 
going to each charity.

when you do a team picture 
make sure its not blowing a gale 
snowing and -2 degrees 
The current record for the ‘quadruple-swim’ is held by a Mexican team at 42 hours and 11 minutes. The only other team to have ever completed the challenge is from Australia. If we finish the swim, we’ll be the first European team to do so.

thank god for DryRobes 

Sutton Coldfield Observer

Ricks Swimmer Jelly Wheadon .
telling his story in Outdoor Swimmers Magazine