Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Back to life, back to reality.

Back to life, back to reality,
Back to the here and now.....
The Summer is Over...;-( ..the final event of the season was last weekend ...now its time to decide what comes next..??? its back to Life , its Back to reality ...so its either return to the Pool..!!! or be brave and take on a season of Winter Open Water swimming .......
while we think about that...have a listen to this weeks Blog Tune....have you guessed it..Back To Life by Soul II Soul ...take it away Caron...

More to come...

Monday, 10 October 2016

All Out Swim

Macmillan Cancer Support 
All Out Swim 2016..
2nd October @ Cheltenham Lido 
The All Out Swim 
all smiles at 7.30am on a Sunday morning 

So today was Ricks last open water swim event of 2016
The Macmillan Cancer Support 5k All Out Swim .
What we love most about  doing this event every year  ,  is the community of people who get involved , the participants, the volunteers, the supporters. There’s a real ‘community’ feel to this event, and we always love being part of it .
Everyone always wants each person to do well, anyone struggling will always get a helping hand, and regardless of ability and where you are in your own personal journey, the atmosphere is a positive and generous one
as a community, as a group, All Out Swim has raised over £21,000 for Macmillan Cancer! A huge well did to my fellow participants,
.. see you next Year for sure …
for more details about the All Out Swim events
(hopefully, we will see at one the ALL OUT SWIMS  part next yr )

here are a few pictures from Sunday mornings swim 
( thank you to Swim Macmillan for use of some of the pictures )
event details ..
5k was the morning distance..
2k & 1.5 k events were held later in the day  

Mr b looking cold..!!
well it was 3 degrees 
the unmistakable stroke of Basher  
a few minutes into the swim 

Mr B well into his 5k ..
looking smooth & relaxed as ever 

a swim well done..
top effort Ellen 
Ellen cheering on the other swimmers 
after she had completed her own 5 k 

all smiles after a very busy summer of sport..
Mr B  did the 5k in 1hr 12 

Short Ricks Video
from Sundays swim 
( click on the arrow above to here Basher`s Report ) 

Ricks will be back
see you again in 2017...

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

OSS Dart10K 2016

Finally after years of trying Big Ricks..
 get to take part in the famous
 Outdoor Swimming Society River Dart 10k Swim ..
Ricks  Charlie ,Vicky & Paul joined
a record number  of swimmers  1381, over the weekend 
in Devon ..to take on the Dart  ..

Ricks  have been very lucky over the few years.
To have taken part  100,s of open water swim events 
, they have  all been  good in their own  special  ways ..
but there is something very different about  The OSS River Dart Swim .
we had heard alot about it over the yrs..but until you actually take part ..
you can never really tell, well now that we have taken part ...
all we can say is WOW....
It’s does feel like an adventure ..from driving through the lanes to Dittisham ,
 parking in the farmers field at 6.15am near the finish
which is Overlooking  the Dart  (a breathtaking view below ),

to getting the old  school bus back to  the start in Totnes ..
to the special  atmosphere we found at both the start & the Finish
this Dart is 100%  an event for everyone to enjoy both swimmers & supporters.
it’s not just for the  fast swimmers ..it’s a swim for everyone .
the 0SS quote ..The Dart10k 
” It’s not a race, Its an adventure “ could not be more true..
yes it is expensive, yes its long way to travel for us from the midlands ..
but it was worth it...and some..congratulations to all that swam , 
to all that helped out and supported. and to the The Outdoor Swimming Society
for putting together such a special  and  unique event..

 Here are few pictures and comments of ours 
about a great weekend 
( Big Thanks to Viv Rickman , Anna Burclay. Charlie Wheadon ,

Paul , Vicky & OSS for the use of some of the  pictures below )
Charlie & Vicky
all smiles after doing amazing swims
sub 2hrs for Charlie , 2hrs 16 for Vicky  
a picture that says 
i finished the dart 
Charlie "jelly queen " Wheaden 
The Amazing 
Mrs Harris Was Jones 
First lady wet suit finisher on Sunday.
Charlie , 1st skin swimmer on Sunday
1st skin swimmer to finish on Saturday
The Course,,

The dart is looking  good when we arrived at 7.45 Saturday morning..
we had heard there might be a chance of some bad weather coming...
fingers crossed that not the case..

because of the heavy rain on Saturday evening 
the water temp had dipped to 16c degrees for  Sundays event  , 
for the Saturday swimmers we had the comfort of a
 few degrees warmer water at 19c  ,but  had the very
 changeable  weather conditions to deal with 

Mmmm...Paul Thinking ..okay
i,m here where are the swimmers....!
Ricks buddy Paul Smith ,
Paul gave the briefings to the swim waves on Saturday 
and Sunday , before doing the swim himself for the 6th time..
top effort Dr Smith 

Time to get things going..
as the weather forecast was not kind for Saturday ..
the swim waves started a little earlier and closer together 
to give everyone a better chance of finishing safely ..
Blue "Elite " got things underway at around 8.15  
Yellow wave look on as they are next in
straight after the blues 

Safety crews take to the water..
we have to add at this point ..the safely crews were amazing over the weekend  ..
not only in looking out for all the swimmers safety 
but also in their help to guide the swimmers along the Dart ..
which i,m sure every swimmer who that took part much apprenticed..
The River has its own rules, and if you don`t follow them you are
going to get muddy ...
as Mr Smith told all swimmers at the Briefing ..
"" Don`t be tempted  to Cut Corners or you will get Muddy ""  

lets get this swim started...
Blue Elite Wave
Ricks Basher easy to spot in just a pair of Trunks

Slowly in..


Family & Friends cheer the first swimmers off..

the Yellow Wave 
take to the water

swimmers and safety crews 
working as one 

after around 2k of swimming 
you hit the famous S- bends of the River Dart

its a strange thing to swim..you want to take the shortest route..
and cut the corner ...
but that is not the fastest  way to swim through the bends 
The best way to swim the bends
is to stay  as close to middle of the river as possible 
as that is where there rivers current is strongest
and will give you the biggest  push  ..

1st  feed station ..
is around 4k into the swim 

the amazing view of the River Darts S- bends ..
once the bends are finished ,  you are into the open ,on Saturday this meant 
very choppy water for 2 or 3 k...add to that  a bit of wind and rain ..
meant this was the real fun part of swim ..;-) 
as you come in to this part of the river,we had been told 
to keep a look out for the feed station 
located in the middle of the river at around 7k  
as it was easy to miss...

everyone stops to watch the Dart

Feed Satiation 2 . around 7k .
when you stop here, you really do feel how strong the current 
is flowing, as you have to hold on for dear life so 
you could have a drink and eat some much needed Jelly Babies .
the ladies and gents of the feed stations were excellent .
could not have been more helpful   

Getting close...
the finish is in site...
but it seemed to take ages to reach it.....

The Finish .!!!

Mr Smith . 
Louise congratulating Paul  after his amazing sub 2hrs 10k swim..
in skin...top effort  ..
it was Paul`s 6th Dart10k 

getting a big hug after finishing another dart 10k.
great swimming   
family & friends..
cheering on all swimmers ..
it was great see so people supporting  

Once the swim is over...
there is short walk back to where 
the OSS village was..
it was a 5 minute walk back..
gives you chance to get your breath back,,,

almost there 

Looks like the party has started 
at the finish 

 Hot Chocolate..
was yummy and much needed after the swim.  
no medals for the Dart....
you get something that is useful..
something that every time you use it 
will give you amazing memories of a great adventure . 

Paul Finished ..
all smiles with his Dart Mug..
and with the Hot Chocolate inside .. 

lets get this party started 

there were loads of food and drinks stales 
to choose from , didn`t know what to eat and drink 1st....
everything tasted wonderful 

Paul & Louise.
both swam the dart and worked all weekend
with the OSS to help & support all the swimmers  

all smiles..charlie & Vicky 
all changed and ready for the next challenge...
The Walk back to car park.!!!
( tip ..save some of your gels for that walk..)

Cup Cakes were Delicious.!!!

The prize ..
the mug that says you completed the OSS Dart10k 

 Its Over ....

See you at the Dart 2017 

The River Dart..
we swam this ....how good does that feel...

"For those who don't know the floral frame is a tribute to Lynne Rivers Roper 
former OSS Press Officer, and warming tent organiser who was laid to rest overlooking the Dart at Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground on Friday. 
She will be deeply deeply missed."